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EnTex Tech offers flexible client focused services. The following services have evolved from the competencies we have acquired by problem solving for our clients. EnTex Tech believes that in order to develop and grow we must listen to our clients and vendors and be willing to try innovative methods of trade. EnTex Tech would like to hear from you if there are areas you may need assistance with.

》Hard to Find Component Assistance

Do you have a difficult time finding what you need, when you need it from your regular suppliers? With decades of experience and a very large supplier network from the world market, EnTex Tech can assist you. EnTex Tech will aid you in sourcing throughout different geographical markets with the aim to find the best possible solution for your circumstances

》Globalized Purchasing

As components are distributed by geography, you will experience price and availability fluctuations on one and the same component. EP can use this to your/our advantage  . EnTex Tech has direct relationships with many component manufacturers and authorized distributors worldwide. A large portion of our time is focused on establishing these relationships in order to better serve our clients. As EnTex Tech can be a local customer with local offices, we can therefore receive local price and delivery advantages. As a result, we are able to offer the vendor new and increased market share. If you have a component that has been sold to you by the local distributor and you are not satisfied with their services, EnTex Tech can offer you alternative manufacturers or seek delivery from another distributor in a different market.

* Except where the component is registered, sole source and/or set resell.

》Quality Testing and Assurance

Today’s component market is focused on producing goods that will yield the highest return. Little or no attention is focused on what the end-users needs are. The product lifecycles are shorter and shorter. The cost of electronics goods are getting higher and higher. If the end-user did not do their Last Time Buy, or their need increases, it will result in the end-user being forced to buy the goods on the grey market. This market inherently comes with certain risks, such as: counterfeit components, refurbished goods, etc. These are risks that EnTex Tech can help to lower through its stringent quality assurance and vendor management procedures, where EnTex Tech nspects the goods using digital electronic microscopes. If the client wishes they can view these digital enlargements before accepting the goods. Should the component not be available in as new and unused condition, EnTex Tech can offer to re-certify the component in accordance with the manufacturers electrical characteristics as per its datasheet. These examinations will result in a report where the tests and the results are declared. The cost of these tests varies according to the complexity of the component and the quantity tested. Individual quotes are made for each test needed.